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Italy’s interests at heart

FWA, an example of successful entrepreneurship

  • The operators in this sector are among a small number whose shareholders are entirely or mainly Italian
  • Small- and medium-sized companies that have invested in autonomy
  • Large companies (including international companies) that have made major investments in Italy

A history of competition in infrastructure

  • The investments by the FWA have, in fact, created a series of alternative infrastructures
  • The only alternative infrastructures to the legacy copper network capable of providing UBB services

Social implications of the FWA

  • The investments made have helped bridge the digital divide, taking broadband (yesterday) and ultra-broadband (today) to places where market dynamics had previously tended to exclude investments by large-scale operators.
  • Above all they have helped create wealth in local regions, often very challenging due to their mountainous terrain and/or low population densities, bringing network access, infrastructures, investments and employment.

Noi per l'Italia
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