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Member benefits

The Coalition’s Governing Board regularly meets the main stakeholders (Government, AGCom, Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), Ministry of Economic Development, Infratel, European Commission etc.) with the aim of encouraging the key players in the sector to work within the Government’s strategic framework for the development of ultra-broadband in our country..

An institutional, regulatory and media monitoring service, of which a breakdown is shown below, is provided through the association’s mailing list:

  • daily monitoring press agencies;
  • daily press review;
  • daily national monitoring institutions;
  • weekly regional monitoring institutions;
  • weekly national institutional agenda.

Various institutional events are organised:

  • events aimed at promoting the Coalition;
  • meetings behind closed doors with experts from the sector to discuss topics of interest;
  • drafting of specific studies.

Those members interested in making their own contribution can participate in the activities of the working groups which, in line with the objectives identified and according to the provisions of the Articles of Association, are entitled to prepare documents, position papers, proposals and plans on specific topics:

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